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Rodrick W. Mugishagwe

Rodrick Mugishagwe is a highly accomplished Project Management Specialist with over 8 years of experience in tuberculosis (TB) programs in East and Southern Africa and currently serving as a Program Manager at EANNASO. He also coordinates TB civil society (CS) and communities in Tanzania through the Tanzania TB Community Network (TTCN) to amplify their voices advocate for their needs take ownership of their health outcomes and drive positive change.

Rodrick is a dedicated TB advocate with a profound commitment to improving the lives of those affected by TB. He serves as a member Developing Country NGO Delegation to the Stop TB Partnership Board, Ministry of Health Tanzania Community TB & Mining Technical Working Groups, Board member of the Stop TB Partnership Tanzania, Regional Coordinating Mechanism Oversite Chairperson for the TB in the Mines in Southern Africa, Member of the WHO CSO Commission, Member of TBCI Technical Working Group and Member of the Tanzania TB Constituency to the TNCM.