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Theme: “Communities are a resource in Ending TB in Tanzania”


EANNASO is among the 7 global implementers of the Challenge Facility for Civil Society Project Round 7. The project is to be implemented between April 2016 and September 2017 and it is two phased:
Phase I: Community resource mapping
Phase II: Supporting effective CSOs and community organisations engagement in the TB response.

About the Project:
TB Challenge Round 7 – Tanzania This project is supported under the 7th round of the Stop TB Partnership’s Challenge Facility for Civil Society (CFCS) which is an innovative grant mechanism that supports the meaningful engagement of civil society organizations in activities aimed at TB elimination.
The overall goal of the round 7 is to build recognized civil society and community networks that represent, support and are accountable to communities who can partner with one another and successfully engage in national TB responses. The projects will take place in two phases. Phase I focuses on undertaking a resource mapping exercise to identify existing resources, coverage gaps, and perspectives of stakeholders about the quality of existing services. In Phase II, focusing on fostering collaboration with existing resources to identify key TB-related issues to bring to the national level, develop plans to fill the coverage gaps, and reassess the perspectives of the stakeholders about the quality of the newly developed / strengthened network. The overall project timeline is April to September 2017.

Specific objectives of phase I

1) To map the existing civil society and community organizations working on TB in the country, including geographic regions, service area and vulnerable population coverage.
2) To identify in the existing networks geographic gaps, service area gaps, and vulnerable population coverage gaps.
3) To describe possible barriers to the effective collaboration of existing networks in engaging in the national TB response.
4) To develop detailed work and engagement plans for Phase II of the grant period.

Target outputs Phase I:
1) Expected project deliverables for phase I
2) Directory of CSOs
3) Matrices of community response
4) CSO network identified
5) Gap in services and populations served documented
6) Calendar of important upcoming events
7) Detailed work plan for Phase II, which align with calendar or events & identified gaps
8) Engagement plan