Whether or not you usually follow UN processes, the High-Level Meeting on AIDS (HLM) this June is worth paying attention to. In fact, it's one of the biggest advocacy opportunities on the horizon.

Why? Governments from all over the world will meet and issue a statement of commitment (a "political declaration") on the global response to AIDS. Hopefully, the 2016 Declaration will set bold new targets for HIV treatment, prevention, human rights and investment.

Ideally, at this HLM governments will acknowledge that it is time to deliver the benefits of scientific research to all people, free of discrimination or false notions of scarcity; moreover, that we need more equitable use of resources to reach key populations and others and increased funding overall to accelerate the response for everyone.

It's time to assert that a robust response to the AIDS epidemic will be the leading edge of progress on multiple Sustainable Development Goals, and that without new investment there is a very real possibility that the epidemic will rebound, causing the unnecessary deaths of millions, particularly marginalized people.