EANNASO’s strategy builds on past experiences and uses a regional response-focused, results-based approach, to works towards a reduction in HIV incidence rates by the end of the next five years. The main departure from past programming cycles are the new strategy imperatives that thematically focus on HIV prevention as one of the key anchors. These have been informed by reference drivers that respond to a number of challenges and lessons learned by EANNASO over the past few years and in effect demonstrates the choices made by EANNASO in its strategic outlook. The vision and mission provides a basis for the results framework to define the describable changes or results that EANNASO would like to achieve. The reference drivers are summarized into the following five distinct areas that are not necessarily exclusively:

  • The need to halt and reverse the spread of HIV with a strong emphasis on prevention;

  • The gendered nature of the epidemic;

  • The lack of funding support particularly experienced by indigenous CSOs;

  • The opportunities and challenges presented by the move towards regional integration in East Africa

  • The inclusion of Key and vulnerable populations to the HIV and TB responses in East Africa

In wanting to see a substantive reduction in incidence and prevalence rates and in wanting to mitigate the impacts of the epidemic, EANNASO assumes a more direct and deliberate focus on the thematic dimensions of the epidemic. There is, therefore, a need to be preoccupied with harnessing and mobilising all available resources to these ends; EANNASO thus works with a thematically broad range of partners in the HIV& TB sector in order to extend its reach across the region, offering both technical and financial support. These have contributed to the improvement of HIV& TB policies, programmes, sharing of best practices and scaling up high-impact interventions. These partnerships will continue to be nurtured and built with the EAC, EALA, SADC, SIDA and HIVOS, EALS, UNAIDS, UNESCO, ACHAP, STOPTB PARTNERSHIP, SAT, GFATM, The HIV Alliance, EACSOF, RAANGO, Aidspan, ICASO, ICSS, the African Civil Society Platform on Health and among others.

The intended impact level results focus on the need to end HIV and TB in the region . These high level results will be measured through the various national instruments at country level and represent the changes that EANNASO strives to achieve by joining and supporting efforts at regional and national levels to prioritise and promote HIV & TB prevention.