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CCM CS Plus Project

“Strengthening engagement of Civil Society and Communities on theory Country Coordinating Mechanisms through the CCM Plus Project”

EANNASO, with support from GIZ, is implementing the CCM/CS plus project which seeks to strengthen CS/CG constituencies’ engagement with CCM to address the challenges facing their participation of these constituencies CCM and overall Global Fund processes. The project is being implemented in five countries Malawi, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.

The project aims at enabling CS/CG constituencies to contribute to “increased uptake of HIV, TB and Malaria services among country and disease specific key and vulnerable populations

 To achieve the goal of the project ,CCM CS Plus project is guided by three objectives namely; 

  • Enhanced performance of rights-based and gender responsive Global Fund HIV, TB and Malaria programmes delivered through community systems and government,
  • Improved quality of civil society and community constituencies’ representation and feedback/consultation to the CCM,
  • Enhanced inclusion of evidence based CS/CG priorities in Global Fund funding request and continued tracking of these priorities during grant implementation

The project Expected Results

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To increase effectiveness, sustainability and coordinating capacity of EANNASO as a network.

Strategic Plan