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We’ve Launched Our New Website!

We’ve Launched Our New Website!

We are thrilled to announce that EANNASO has a new look! This week, we unveiled a fresh new website design, one of several initiatives we are taking to ensure our partners get the best experience with EANNASO on their path to scale.

We’re excited to share this next phase of our brand with you, as it brings new opportunities to deliver even more value to our partners and audiences. In addition to a more contemporary look, you’ll experience easier access to helpful resources and information.

Keep reading to discover a few of the exciting features and changes you can expect to see the next time you visit

Updated design

The first thing you’ll notice when you visit any of our pages is our polished new look! We’ve opted for sophisticated designs that emphasize modern visuals and detailed software images across the site. Explore our beautiful new Home page for the full effect.

Platform features

Grasp the full power of the EANNASO solution in our new Features section, which highlights EANNASO’s key Organisational Values and objectives. On the Blog Articles, Publications Inventory, Careers Portal, Mapping Representations, and Newsletters pages, you’ll find detailed insights about how the platform is designed to help users manage and scale their interactions at every stage of growth.

Learning resources

We want you to be able to find the resources you need to learn more about EANNASO and the good work we are doing. Our helpful Resources library is designed to give you access to easily sortable Reports, Publications and webinars that provide useful product knowledge and the latest industry insights.

Community, Rights, and Gender (CRG) Platform

EANNASO is the current host of the Anglophone Africa Regional Community, Rights, and Gender (CRG) Platform, which seeks to share timely and relevant information, to develop tools, and to provide technical support to promote the inclusion of CRG in HIV, TB, and malaria programs of the Global Fund in the region.

Our vision and impact

If you’re eager to learn more about EANNASO’s mission and our vision for Driving a regional HIV prevention agenda that empowers national networks to effectively contribute to reducing new HIV infections, by enhancing the voice of CSOs, then visit our new About Us section. You’ll find some of our most promising impact metrics, and the latest company news and announcements.

Opportunities with EANNASO

We’re always excited to welcome new EANNASOs to our herd, and our refreshed Careers page is designed to help you understand our core values and what it means to join the EANNASO team. We’ve emphasized the values that define our approach to creating an inclusive and productive workplace, and outlined the employee benefits our staff can expect to receive when they work with us.

We encourage you to explore the rest of the website yourself to get the full experience! As always, we thank you for your support and interest as we further our vission to An empowered Civil Society effectively contributing to Eastern Africa region enjoying a quality of life free of the HIV epidemic and its associated impacts.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more exciting announcements about additional enhancements we’re making to the EANNASO Website to create a more seamless and intuitive experience for our users.

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