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KANCO: Kenya AIDS NGOs Consourtium

The Kenya AIDS NGOs Consortium (KANCO) is a national membership network of NGOs, CBOs, and FBOs, Private Sector actors, Research and Learning Institutions involved in or that have interest in HIV & AIDS , TB and other public health care concerns in Kenya such as Malaria, Nutrition, Community Harm Reduction(among injecting drug users) among others.

KANCO was established in 1990 by a group of seven member NGOs. Its membership is open to all registered NGOs, CBOs, FBOs, PLHIV support organisations, learning institutions, public and private sector organizations in Kenya. KANCO also provides for associate membership that includes individuals and INGOs.

KANCO has a membership of over 1200 organisations and numerous individuals that are networking, collaborating and are bound together by a common vision of a healthy Kenyan people with secure and sustainable access to HIV,TB and other public health care services.

Formed with a principle to support members to respond to the HIV & AIDS epidemic in line with the existing government co-ordination mechanism for HIV & AIDS and TB activities, KANCO has evolved to become a premier agency for sensitizing, mobilizing and promoting collaboration among civil society organizations (CSOs) ,working to mitigate HIV, AIDS, TB and other public health concerns and their impacts in Kenya.

KANCO effectively carries out her institutional mandate guided by three strategic objectives namely, Community Systems Strengthening (CSS),Improving policy for HIV,AIDS,TB and other public health care concerns and Institutional Strengthening (IS).

In 2009, KANCO was accredited as a linking organisation for the International HIV and AIDS Alliance (Alliance) in Kenya. Alliance works globally to support communities around the world to reduce the spread of HIV and to meet the challenges of AIDS and related health issues. As a linking organisation for Alliance, KANCO supports joint action on HIV & AIDS and TB at the community level and commits to developing mechanisms to help CSOs work together to achieve the shared goals.

A healthy Kenyan people with secure and sustainable access to HIV, TB and other public health care services.

To provide leadership, promote collaboration and enhance capacity among Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and other stakeholders to respond to HIV, AIDS , TB, and other public health care concerns .

KANCO’s Core Values

  • Integrity – We value truthfulness, fairness, honesty and transparency in our internal and external relationships, communication and transactions.
  • Excellence – We value professionalism and timeliness, and seek credibility in all that we do. We are committed to the highest professional standards.
  • Collaboration – We value the collective wisdom that emerges when individuals work together as a team.
  • Innovation – We value and support innovation. We encourage informed risk-taking that holds the promise of enhancing organizational learning.

Core principles

  • Solidarity and collective action in responding to HIV & AIDS and TB and associated impacts.
  • Genuine representation of members’ needs without regard to their status, size, or religious, ethnic or political affiliation.
  • Gender mainstreaming in all activities.
  • Active participation and involvement of members, government and other stakeholders.
  • Quality and equitable provision of HIV, AIDS, TB and other public health care services to communities, through their organizations, as well as other stakeholders.
  • Greater involvement and participation of people living with HIV & AIDS (GIPPA) as well as TB patients

Contact KANCO

Kenya AIDS NGOs Consortium (KANCO)
Jabavu Lane off Argwings Kodhek Rd,
SilverPool Office Suites – A11 & A12
P.O. Box 69866-00400, Nairobi – Kenya
Mobile:+254722203344 +254733333237
Email: kanco@kanco.org

KANCO Resource Center (Nakuru)
Prestige Mall 3rd Floor
P.O Box 253-2100 Nakuru – Kenya
Contact: Samuel Njoroge
Email: kancocentral@kanco.org
KANCO Resource Center (Central)

KANCO Resource Center (Machakos)
P.O. Box 69866- 00400 Nairobi – Kenya
Tel: +254-0711207257
Contact: John Kivuva
Email: kancoeastern@kanco.org

KANCO Resource Center (Mombasa)
Tudor Catholic Pastoral Centre
P.O. Box 601- 80100 Mombasa – Kenya
Tel:+254-717085404 +254-789499820
Contact: Sophie Njuguna
Email: kancocoast@kanco.org

KANCO Resource Center (Ongata Rongai)
RAY Drop-In Center
P.O. Box 69866 -00400

Karshon Photo House
P.O Box 2830-10140 Nyeri – Kenya
Tel:+254-723 722498
Contact: Kevin Kai

KANCO Resource Center (Western)
Kholera House
P.O Box 2156-50100 Kakamega – Kenya
Contact: Beatrice Awino
Email: kancowestern@kanco.org

Ongata Rongai – Kenya
Tel: +254-736437051
Contact:Teresa Watetu
Email: dic@kanco.org